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Causes of bearing temperature rise

Time:2016.11.23 News Sources:Shandong Xinkaite bearing Co.,Ltd. Views:
1. Aligning bearings Bearing temperature reasons:
(1) bearing cooling water.
(2), oil degradation of oil itself is not clean or running oil degradation, such as water in the oil will lead to increased oil acidity, can reduce oil lubrication, bearing corrosion, resulting in bearing temperature rise.
2. Phenomenon:
(1) A bell rang.
(2), machine hydraulic machinery failure light board, indicating the instrument temperature, bearing temperature signal relay action.
Disk (expansion (3) thermometer, thermometer) Needle overlap or more yellow and yellow needles.
(4) the bearing fault signal temperature rise.
3. deal with 
When the bearing temperature, first determine the fake action, such as true rise, should do the following:
(1) Check the cooling water pressure, water flow and piping system is normal. If the water may reduce the filter clogging, can not be treated in time, stop treatment, when confirmed to work, then put into use.
(2) Check the governor oil pressure, if the oil pressure may cause the water hydraulic valve to close.
(3) Check whether the bearing has a different tone, and check whether the bearing is not normal place.
(4), the sample observed oil color change, and test whether the deterioration. If it is determined that degradation of the new oil should replace the downtime.
(5) Check the oil standard oil level is normal, if not normal, check the oil sump oil discharge valve closed. If this matter, it should fill the oil, if it is sealing oil leakage, should stop processing.
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