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Three Kinds of Bearings' Damage

Time:2016.11.24 News Sources:Shandong Xinkaite bearing Co.,Ltd. Views:
As for the cause of damage to the three types of bearings, such as: roller bearing ring ribs, as the cause may be considered, lack of lubricant, not suitable for oil discharge structure defects, foreign body intrusion, bearing installation error, shaft Flexing too much, there will be these reasons overlap.
1, cavitation
Three types of bearing cavitation is the surface of the solid surface and the liquid contact and the relative movement of the surface damage caused by the form. When the oil in the low-pressure area of the oil film, the oil will form bubbles, bubbles move to the high-pressure zone, the bubble under pressure bubble collapse, the collapse of the moment have a great impact and high temperature, solid surface in this The repeated impact of the impact of material fatigue occurs off, the friction surface of a small pit, and then develop into a sponge-like scars. Heavy load, high speed, and the load and speed changes in the larger sliding bearings, often cavitation;
2, the fluid erosion
Three types of bearing fluid erosion is the fluid violent impact on the solid surface will cause fluid erosion, so that the surface of the solid-like point-like scars, the damage surface is smooth;
3, electrical erosion
Electrical erosion of the three types of bearings is due to electrical or electrical leakage in the bearing friction between the surface of the spark, the friction surface caused by point-like scars, which is characterized by reciprocating damage in the hard surface of the journal.
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