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Reason and Solution of Improper Lubricant of Three Kinds of Bearing

Time:2016.11.29 News Sources:Shandong Xinkaite bearing Co.,Ltd. Views:
Three types of improper bearing lubricant will produce noise today Xiaobian to introduce three types of bearing lubricant improper causes and solutions, together to find out about it.
Lubricant improper solution can be divided into three categories: a choice of the wrong lubricant; two lubricants lack; three lubricants aging sclerosis. To select the appropriate lubricant, lubricants should be added to the amount of lubrication, to regularly replace the lubricant.
According to the survey, poor lubrication is caused by premature failure of spherical roller bearings one of the main reasons. Main reasons include: not promptly add lubricant or lubricant; lubricants or lubricants are not added in place; lubricant or lubricant selection is not appropriate; lubrication is not correct and so on.
Recommendation: Select the correct lubricant or lubricant, using the correct lubrication filling method.
Hope that the three types of bearings is related to the hope that we can bring some help.
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