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double row spherical roller bearing
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double row spherical roller bearing

Double row self-aligning roller bearings are two roller raceway inner ring and raceway for the spherical outer ring, assembled with drum-shaped roller bearings.

For separable bearings, the inner ring and outer ring can be installed separately, thus simplifying the installation process, especially when the inner and outer rings are required when the interference fit. In the inner ring has been installed in place of the shaft into the bearing housing has been included in the outer ring, you must pay attention to check whether the inner and outer ring alignment to avoid scratching the bearing raceway and rolling components. If cylindrical and needle roller bearings are provided with inner rings without flanged ribs or inner rings with flanged edges on one side, a mounting sleeve is recommended. The outer diameter of the sleeve shall be equal to the diameter of the inner ring raceway F, and the tolerance for machining shall be d10.
Double-row self-aligning roller bearings can be easily installed on the shaft by the use of fasteners or retraction. The outer ring raceway is part of the spherical surface, the bearing has internal self-aligning performance to adapt to the relative skew of the shaft and the seat hole, can bear the radial heavy load and the shock load, also can bear certain two-way axial load, Axial displacement of the shaft or housing in the axial clearance of the bearing, the structure and characteristics of the bearing and self-aligning ball bearing the same capacity in the load capacity and speed limit permission, they can substitute for each other.
Double row self-aligning roller bearing is double-row raceway inner ring, outer ring raceway design for spherical roller, roller bearing for the drum. Outer ring raceway center and the center of the same bearing, with self-aligning performance, even if the shaft and the bearing box due to installation errors or shaft deflection, so that the inner and outer ring tilt can also be normal use.
The bearing radial load capacity, can withstand heavy load and impact load. But also because of self-aligning performance, to some extent can withstand the axial load in both directions.
So the bearing can be applied to the shaft may be bending or assembly error is difficult to avoid large machinery and equipment such as papermaking machinery, vibrating screen and general industrial machinery and other equipment.
Self-aligning roller bearing cage, the smaller size of steel stamping molding, the larger size is made of brass or soft steel car made of cut.
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